Most people don’t need a problem solver. In fact, they don’t even need a coach. What they need is a companion, an Accompagnateur.

Ralph Rickenbach


At times, our emotional and behavioral as well as our thought patterns fail us. And Spock’s analysis is, well, a truly Vulcan understatement.

But let’s be clear: to an outsider, this detached view might be actually true. Our different imprint, history, and heritage might make it easier for another to see through the chaos you perceive as unbearable and un-interpretable.

What does aperspectival mean? According to Jean Gebser it is the ability to see multiple perspectives without valuing one over the others. This is what I can offer you: another view.

I call it accompanying.

I live online. We meet on Zoom, and if you ever come to Switzerland, we take a walk along Lake Constance.


I am a Gallup certified Strengths Coach (CliftonStrengths), Spiral Dynamics Practitioner, software architect, family father, even family patriarch (in the good sense), life-long learner, iconoclast, thinker and pastor in exile.

Within the last years I have survived cancer, started a new career, deconstructed and reconstructed my faith, and overcome several strokes of fate in my family. I will gladly help you through similar challenges.

I also love to have deep conversations about the things people are passionate about. I can help you formulate your dreams, discover your gifts, find your motivation. Or I can just listen to you so you can get clarity.


Mentors may not show us the way, but they show us there is a way. Accompagnateurs walk it with us.

You are in the Driver Seat. Sure, I have several tools that can help you find your way. We use them when the time is right.

Transformation is not a program, nothing that can be done in one session. For example, I offer you a fixed weekly appointment, for 6 months at a time, where I am there for you as a conversation partner, sounding board, support, advisor, listener. So, what is your coaching question? Where do we start the process?

The details are best discussed directly, e.g. in a non-binding first conversation with each other. After all, it is important that the chemistry be right.

I coach in German too.