Project Integral Theology

In 2020, I will conduct a project to build a bible school based on an integral worldview. It will take a look at the bible and Christian way of life from a Spiral Dynamics view, namely endeavour to take a second tier perspective on both the narrative and its interpretation.

There will be divers topics within this framework. First, of course, we will talk about Spiral Dynamics™ and acquainted models such as AQAL.

At the same time, we will learn about dialog as David Bohm teaches it. It will help us to think not out of the box, as then the box still defines our thinking, but try to realise the truth – there is no box.

We will learn much about our own personality, doing several assessments.

The Spiral Dynamics Profile by Valuematch will provide the personal and group stack of value systems.

CliftonStrengths© Assessments will give every participant deeper knowledge about strengths and talent of how they do what they do.

And the Enneagram will provide the horizontal motivational aspect and path for development.


Next, we will put together a biblical interpretive timeline based on selected stories in the old testament to show the congruence with the models of Spiral Dynamics™. This will bring forth a new understanding of the biblical narrative as a beautiful record of the dealings of God with man and man with God. A light chain of passed on God encounters, as theologian Jörg Zink calls the bible.

We will find different lenses people looked through when penning the stories of old, and will see that we look at the same writings with different lenses too.

We will then learn about a principle I call godly trajectories. Trajectories of understanding God put us on regarding slavery, women’s rights, inclusion, and more.

This will result in new views of salvation, life together, and life’s purpose. But it will also change the image we have of God and ourselves drastically.

We will generate ideas about a new face of church. What will a church in this integral age look like?


How will this school work? It will be modelled after the war colleges of the US armed forces more than a traditional school.

While there will be instances of ex-cathedra teaching, we will keep that to a minimum. Groups of seasoned Christians and youngsters will receive problems to solve with no ready-made solutions. Books will be provided, but complemented by meditation, mentoring, brain-storming and other techniques, including dialog.

So what will happen within the next 18 months? We will put together the mentoring material and theological foundation for such an endeavour. We will publish it here from time to time and hopefully discuss it with people interested in new ways, but mainly will work with a group of mentors.

In 18 months, we will start courses. That is the plan. If you are interested, get in contact and we will keep you posted.