Michel de MontaigneIt is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.

or as the Bible puts it: Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Pro 27:17

Let me take you on a journey of discovery, as “It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.” Pro 25:2

Or as the Contemporary English version puts it: “God is praised for being mysterious; rulers are praised for explaining mysteries. “

And still, Jesus tells us that he is non-concealment. So let’s search, he will let us find.

Personally, I have gone on such a search for the last half a century. I have been on path, off path, and lately pioneering a path through uncharted territory. You can relive my journey to a degree, at least the last decade, as I grew from a traditional view of the Gospel into an integral multi-perspectival one.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

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Thoughts and Words

For who has knowledge of the mind of the Lord, so as to be his teacher? But we have the mind of Christ. 1Co 2:16 I have thought a lot about thinking and wording lately. Let me first give you some basics about my personality. I am an intuitive thinker. Much of my thinking is…

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Change and Biases

In your realizing that I am what the Scriptures are all about, you will discover uniquely for yourself, face to face with me, that I am what you are all about and rivers of living waters will gush out of your innermost being! John 7:38 I would love to tell you the difference between faith…

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Friendship with God

No longer do I give you the name of servants; because a servant is without knowledge of what his master is doing: I give you the name of friends, because I have given you knowledge of all the things which my Father has said to me. John 15:15 We certainly associate a hierarchy between the…

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You have been enriched by him in so many ways, particularly in power of speech and depth of knowledge. 1Co 1:5 Art has been non-perspectival for most of history. Usually, objects were placed in an artificial setting of no importance, and whatever was painted was flat on one plain. It was in high medieval times…

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