Why I write this Blog

For this reason every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house, who gives out from his store things new and old. Mat 13:52

This is going to be a different blog post than others. After almost 100 posts I am going to reflect on why I am doing this in the first place.

I started this blog in December 2007. Since then I loosely blogged until about 6 months ago, when I started to more seriously invest into this platform, also creating a sister blog in German.

Almost all my Christian life I was convinced that life was about doing God’s will – and just to tell you upfront: I still am. Just with a radically different take on it.

Being an introvert and a person that likes to counter his fear with knowledge, I developed a pattern for my actions: do not move before you know for sure that it is God’s will. A religious way of saying: do not move before you are 100% sure that you are secure, you can do it, you will not disgrace yourself. Especially you will not disgrace yourself. I hate to be embarrassed.

My life strategy is a great illustration that countering fear with knowledge will never work. In a world where knowledge doubles every 1.5 years, and by 2020 probably every 72 days!, neither the Greek strategy of divide et impera, of divide and conquer, of specialization, nor the modern view of networked thinking, generalization, cybernetics will suffice to know enough to be safe. It is a Sisyphus effort and you will never start anything.

I first had to realize that fear is the opposite of faith, or even better, the absence of faith. It is, one could say, satanic faith, as much as darkness is satanic light, being the absence of light. Just like darkness can be fought easily by switching on the light, love drives out fear. Fear always expects punishment – in my case, failure, embarrassment, even loosing salvation or at least brownie points with God. But love, God’s unconditional love does not know failure, it only knows a process to perfection. Perfection as in maturity. It is faith in Jesus, his perfect work on the cross, that lets us know and experience this love and its implications.

There is no fear in love: but perfect love casteth out fear, because fear hath punishment; and he that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1Jo 4:18

Realizing that Father loves me, unconditionally, not depending on my performance, made me bold(er).

I learned that it is a moving ship that can be steered. I learned to step out in faith. I learned to dream dreams again.

My heart is to share my revelation with other people. I used to overwhelm people with my knowledge – which is rather deep and wide, as I had to learn a lot just to survive, as you now can imagine. Knowledge – in the Greek sense of the word – is but a collection of facts, principles, relations, so called truths that can change any minute, theorems, corollaries, deductions, inductions, reductions, laws, axioms – I could go on, but you get the drift.

Knowledge in the Hebrew sense of the word is a relationship. A deep, intimate relationship. No dividing, no conquering. Just love. And Abraham knew his wife. Yes, in the biblical sense. Out of Hebrew knowledge of the most important relationship with my Father comes revelation. Discovery of the Truth, Jesus Christ. Unveiling of his eternal love. Revealment of his overall plan Disclosure of his mysterium (a secret that can only be disclosed to you by another). Yes, exposure of shortcomings and sin – and their immediate healing and forgiveness through repentance.

This relationship is the kingdom of heaven. Whoever participates in this relationship between the Son and the Father is part of the kingdom of heaven. Whoever is in Christ – Jesus the head and we the body – is part of the kings dominion.

And this is where the goal of my blog comes in. I write and teach – probably the most accurate description of a modern day scribe – as a teachable, moldable son of God – that is a disciple of the kingdom of heavens. And as such I am

…like a man who is a master of a house, who is of such a character that he dispenses with hearty enjoyment out of his treasure-house, things new as to quality and also things mellowed with age by reason of use. Mat 13:52b Wuest New Testament.

Was I successful?

It depends.

I am bold. I not only distribute the things mellowed with age by reason of use. I write about new revelation the Lord gives me that is controversial. I slaughter holy cows. I do not fear. That is great success. It is a quantum leap in faith on the road to maturity. And yes, I do it in time and out of times.

But writing is to be read. If you lead and nobody follows –  you just take a walk.

I have a few readers. And the number is growing slowly. Comments are few, dialogs infrequent, feedback scarce. In the natural, I failed. But Jesus successfully taught 11, 120 were in the upper room, and in one day 3000 were added to the church. I am waiting for that day. Smile. In faith.

May I challenge you to read some of my blog entries? May I even dare you to start a dialog with me? I am here.

Now let me give you my new definition on doing God’s will – I do not want to leave you in the lurch. Jesus tells us that whatever we ask for he will give us. The father disciplines us – just like any father does -to build character into us. With one goal. He wants us to change our thinking, so we think like him. He wants us to dream, dream big. Be creative. He wants us to become his sons, sons of the kingdom of heaven, that like Jesus only do what they see the father do. What for: he wants to do our will.

Any comments?

  • Jennica

    I really loved your explanation for writing the blog… and the bit at the end about the number of readers not mattering all that much. As Don Cherry said [paraphrased], “When most guys are in the minor leagues, it’s easy for them to forget about the
    NHL.” Yeah; it takes guts to keep going when it seems like nothing is happening. I know that feeling very well. But as long as what you’re doing is a fire in your heart, something that makes you just grin with joy when you think about how much you’ve grown in it all since yesterday, something that you know is a God-given dream… then you’ll have the drive to go as long as it takes.
    I quite enjoy this blog. Keep it up – it’s encouraging, and quite interesting.
    Jen 🙂

  • Tony S

    Well said, Ralph. My current Facebook profile picture is a bit of graffiti I found on the web. Large spray painted words proclaim “FEAR IS A LIAR.” I have to agree. Fear can be an active force, not just a passive feeling. It lies and tells you you can’t. Faith tells the truth and says you can. As to your adoption of the title “scribe”, I heartily approve. Several years ago, when I wrote more, I used scribe as part of my screen name. I read this definition: “a member of a learned class in ancient Israel through New Testament times studying the Scriptures and serving as copyists, editors, teachers, and jurists” and thought this must be my calling. Keep up the good work(s).

    • The traditional scribes, Tony, were a school of teachers from Ezra that existed until about 200 BC. Then, the pharisees took over with their judaism. From then on, scribe was used either for people traditionally trained to copy the Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzah – speak, the Jewish bible, or notaries, or even childrens’ teachers. in the time of the original scribes, it also stood for “wise men”. Thank you for your response, and I am looking forward to read some of your pieces. Blessings.

  • Kathy Kenny Ngo

    That was quite a heavy read but enlightening too. I am someone who always lived in fear and because of it, I lost the guy that I was to marry next year. He would always tell me to have faith and I never listened. Reading the words “Fear is the absence of faith” reminds me that this is so true. I had fear in my heart then. Now, I only want to have faith.

    Thank you for this reminder.

    • Hi Kathy. I am glad that this piece was useful for you. And I speak over you that you grow into a woman of faith – not only to find your significant other, but because we need women and men of faith. Blessings to you.

  • Sherwood81

    My real life started with a verse from the book of Acts, “…you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you….” and so I started to walk away from the world in which I had been living – for nearly 45 years. And now, forty years later, I am convinced that living as a Christian is so much more than just talking about what I am doing, but discovering what they are doing brings more rewards than I could have ever imagined. Not the tangible, “walk on, try on, hear this” kind of world that had me entrapped, but sensing the peace that actually “passes our understanding” – deep within. They say, “Wow, 85 years old” and I smile and move on, thanking the Lord who has made it all possible..

    • That is wonderful. I have thirty years of following Christ now (and I was fortunate and blessed enough to start a bit earlier). Much more peace to you. Caleb was 85 when taking the mountains in the promised land. Go conquer some mountains of blessing.

  • Jim Lorton

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air to me. So hard to find Christians who are independent thinkers. I’ve spent the last few years re-thinking everything I thought I knew. Hard to overwrite old programming. Living in relationship to a Father who loves me always at all times and longs for intimacy with me more than I can comprehend is better than the false security that knowledge alone brings. He has brought me into a spacious place where I am free to be myself and I learn new things about Him every day. Keep writing. You have things to share that people are hungering and thirsting for, a cool drink of water. I am starting to write myself, a new experience for me. You are an encouragement to me. Kindred spirits. Well, that’s more than I planned to say so I will say “talk to ya later” for now. Keep on keeping on.